This Little Boy’s Guide To Picking Up Chicks Is Hilarious

Image via imgur

If anyone out there is having trouble with the ladies, fear not — now you have a simple, easy-to-use guide that lays it all out step by step. In a paper titled “How To Pick Up A Check” (or, if you prefer the more commonly used term, “Chick”), posted to Reddit by user illallowit_, one little boy shows just how easy this whole flirting business really is.

Step One: Talk to her; ask her for her name.

Knowing someone’s name and speaking to them are very important if you want to date them.

Step Two: Make sure she is not my cousin.

This is absolutely essential.

Step Three: Ask her to go for a walk to the sandbar.

Chicks dig sandbars.

Step Four: Then walk her home and say goodnight. Then do it all over again.

Patience is important in the uncertain world of dating; even this little kid knows that you have to invest some valuable time in the process.

If this isn’t a fool-proof guide to dating, then I don’t know what is.