This Little Kid ‘Apparently’ Knows How To Handle A Live TV Interview (Video)

5-year-old Noah Ritter stole the show during a recent live interview done by Pennsylvania’s WNEP at the Wayne County Fair. They asked the fiery-haired youngster for some feedback on the rides and were blown away by his dead serious nature and natural reporter cadence.

After being asked a few questions Noah grabbed the mic, looking directly into the camera, and said, “‘It was great. Apparently I’ve never been on live television before. I guess some times I don’t watch the news, because I’m a kid, and apparently every time, apparently Grandpa just gives me the remote after we watch the Powerball.”

Reporting at its finest.

Apparently, the station followed up with Noah to see how he was coping with his sudden rise to fame. The little guy is hanging out with his grandparents for the summer and seems to be doing just fine.