This Might Be The Best Wake Up Prank Ever (Video)

Image via James Williams/YouTube screenshot

Youtube prankster James Williams spent months setting up an elaborate prank on his beau and was finally blessed with the perfect moment to unleash it, as the poor girl was sleeping on the couch. He wanted to, “see how my girlfriend would react to a ghost coming out the tv trying to grab hold of her.” Gee, James. How did you think she would react? “Oh dear, I’ve had the most smashing nap, which I’m now waking up from, in the dark, because I hear screaming. Oh, is that a ghost that looks exactly like the girl from”The Ring” coming out of the TV to drag me down a well ? Haha, Oh James.” At the same time I gotta admit, this guy nailed it. He even told his girlfriend a week before he did this that he had woken up in the middle of the night and saw a girl by his bed. Truly wicked.

So how do you make your own TV monster? According to James all you need is wood, rubber gloves, balloons, brown paper, old clothes, tape, clothes hanger, and some paint. Oh, and I’m pretty sure he left out, a bunch of free time. Get it together James.