This Olympic Skier Has A Serious Case Of The Munchies

Image via Twitter/TorinWallace

This 18-year-old skier is living the dream. While most kids his age are stuck in high school or making their way out into the scary real world for the first time, Torin Yater-Wallace is busy representing the stars and stripes over in Sochi. The Aspen-based freestyle skier is not letting the hustle and bustle of the Winter Games trip him up. It looks like Yater-Wallace has had plenty of down time to stop and smell the flowers, if you catch my drift.


I wonder what else he’s been supplying to his teammates. It’s easy to rip on Yater-Wallace as a rich stoner from Colorado, but it turns out that Yater-Wallace has been using money earned from his professional skiing to support his family. In 2010, the then-14-year-old and his family had to stay at the apartments of family friends as Yater-Wallace’s father declared bankruptcy. Now, the family is on the up-and-up and their son is representing his nation at the Olympics.