This Shih Tzu Dressed As A Teddy Bear Walking On A Treadmill Is As Adorable As It Sounds (Video)

Think small dogs are annoying? What about a small dog stuffed into a teddy bear costume? Munchkin, an 8-pound Shih Tzu hailing from southern California, is here to cure you of all anti-small-dog thoughts with her exercise routine as she trots along a treadmill in — yes, you guessed it — a teddy bear costume, fake teddy bear arms perfectly positioned for maximum hugability.

The teddy bear outfit, which was originally placed upon Munchkin in October as a Halloween costume, makes her look almost exactly like a miniature Ewok, so even if you have nothing else to be thankful for this Thanksgiving, take comfort in the knowledge that you’ll always have a tiny Ewok staggering toward you on a treadmill.