This Toronto Tailor Is Selling Bulletproof Suits For $20,000

Image via Garrison

If you’re a businessman that travels to dangerous parts of the world, consider this innovative bulletproof tuxedo that will have you looking as equal stylish as you are protected. Garrison Bespoke, a Toronto-based tailor, has began creating three-piece armored business suits that run for $20,000 each.

The suit uses a patented material that features the same carbon nanotubes designed for the US troops’ uniforms in Iraq.

Yet, the patented suit material is a lot thinner and flexible; fifty percent lighter than Kevlar (the material commonly used in bullet-proof gear),” the Garrison website reads. “The entire suit acts like a shield, with nanotubes in the fabric hardening to block force from penetrating through.”

Most of Garrison’s clients are in the oil and diamond industry, and tend to venture into sketchy areas, where it’s important to move about cautiously.

Garrison’s website claims that its three focal points of design are to be modern and stylish,light and comfortable, and reliable and safe. And judging by a CityNews video, they’ve hit their main objectives and currently have a waiting list for the suit.