Tim McCarver Goes Off To Never-Never-Land And More Goofy Things From The 2013 MLB All-Star Game


Something about Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” really speaks to the soul of Tim McCarver. The lyrics of Metallica’s 1991 signature song must have really hit home with McCarver, because he elected to gift us with this soulful rendition of it while Prince Fielder rumbled around the basepaths.

In other “Enter Sandman” news, Mariano Rivera’s final All-Star Game entrance warmed the heart of this Yankee detractor as well as the Citi Field crowd.

Some moron dared himself to go on the field if his tweet was re-tweeted 1,000 times. Spoiler alert: it got re-tweeted more than 1,000 times.

That security guard must have just had the best 24 hours of his life. That is 100% the best case scenario for a stadium security guard.

Oh, a dorky white kid is trotting down to second base? Not naked? Not athletic? Not trying to flee? Oh, he’s standing up straight, flat-flooted, looking at his phone? Boom!

Great form on the double leg takedown. Looks like an illegal rugby tackle, but I’ll allow it. Too bad this game was broadcast nationally. If it was a Tuesday afternoon game, guy would have got clotheslined.

Oh, and the American League gets home field advantage. Woo! Semi-meaningful All Star Games!