Top 10 Cities For Post-Grads To Live


It’s that time of year when college graduates begin their pursuits into the land known as the “real world.” For many, it’s time to move to a new city, to either start a new job or a business. In fact, 51 percent of new graduates say they plan to move after graduation, or which 75 percent plan to settle in a new city. Apartment Guide recently conducted a survey of 1,000 21- to 24-year-olds to find out what factors are most important in choosing a new home and determining the top 10 American cities for post-graduates. The firm considered factors such as cost, culture, and location in ranking its top 10.

Even with its often out-of-control rents and competitive job market, New York City was ranked No. 1 on the list, followed by Washington, D.C., and Philadelphia — all great places for entrepreneurs. The rest of the list included — in order — Seattle, Minneapolis, San Francisco, Chicago, Las Vegas, Portland, and Denver.

Of course, when grads are choosing a city to call home, it generally boils down to where the job offers are. Eighty percent of survey respondents said they would move to whatever city they found a job, even if it wasn’t on their list of favorite places to live. But when they get there, most post-grads want to live in the suburbs — a whopping 42 percent, in fact. Another 31 percent said they’d prefer big city living, while 17 percent preferred life on the beach and 9 percent hope to head to the mountains.

Nothing’s definitive, of course, and post-grads could certainly still divert from their well-laid plans. According to the survey, two-thirds of respondents haven’t even begun their apartment searches yet, so who really knows where they may end up?

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