4 Top Ways To Pay Off Your House Faster

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While owning a house is a huge milestone in your life, it’s important to remember that your house represents a debt that you still owe. Over the journey, you’ll fork out a large payment each month and ultimately pay thousands of dollars in interest.

But by paying off your home faster, you could potentially save thousands of dollars in interest fees — not to mention, you’ll no longer have that enormous debt hanging over your head!

Money doesn’t fall from the sky, so you’ll need to find it somewhere in your budget. Here are a few creative tweaks that could help you pay off your house faster.

1. Swap Out Your Auto Insurance Policy With a Much Cheaper One

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Like many people, you’re probably overpaying for car insurance. Simply finding a cheaper policy could potentially save you hundreds of dollars every year. That’s money you could be putting towards your house!

The problem is, no one enjoys shopping for car insurance. It’s time-consuming and you’re often hassled by agents over the phone.

Not with EverQuote. This insurance comparison site will actually do all of the shopping for you.

Provide a few simple details about your vehicle, and in just two minutes, EverQuote will gather multiple quotes for you. You’ll often get rates from companies you’ve never heard of or companies you’ve never thought to research!

This service is fast and free to use. Check out your rates with EverQuote today and find out how much you could be saving on auto insurance! EverQuote can even make the switch for you, making things super easy.

2. Potentially Save Thousands on Your House With This Company

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One of the best ways to pay off your house faster is to refinance your home — a move that could potentially save you thousands of dollars in interest.

While this might sound like a complicated task, it’s not. The process of mortgage refinancing is as simple as getting a new loan with a lower interest rate and better terms to replace an existing loan.

And with Figure, you could find a new loan in a matter of clicks. This online lender lets you check your rates for free, and without any impact to your credit score.

What’s more, Figure has a 100% online application form that allows you to apply with little effort. Once you’re approved, Figure will help you close out your new loan quickly so that you can start saving on your home!

To find out how much you could be saving on your home and how much faster you could be paying it off, check out your mortgage refinance rates with Figure today!

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3. Ask This Site to Get You a Cheaper Homeowners Insurance Policy

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As a homeowner, your house isn’t your only home-related expense. There’s also homeowners insurance — a necessary expense that protects your possessions, but one that you’re probably overpaying for.

With EverQuote, you could find a cheaper homeowners insurance policy in two minutes. This could potentially save you hundreds of dollars each year to put towards your home!

This insurance comparison site does all of the shopping for you. Just provide them with a few details about your vehicle and they will find you multiple rates to compare — sometimes from companies you’d never thought to check out.

And get this — the service is free to use and EverQuote can make the switch for you! Try EverQuote today to determine how much you could be saving on homeowners insurance!

4. Leave Your Family With Up to $8 Million

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If you were to pass unexpectedly, would you be leaving your family with the debt tied to your house? While you might have some money in savings, it’s probably not nearly enough to pay off your home and provide for all of your family’s expenses.

That’s why life insurance is so important. With a payment of up to $8 million, your family could pay off the house and have more than enough to cover any expenses.

With Ladder, getting life insurance is both affordable and fast. Policies start at just $12 a month, and Ladder will give you a free quote in minutes.

And get this — Ladder lets you lock in your rate so that you keep paying the same affordable premium as you age and your health begins to decline. Because life insurance is typically cheaper when you’re young, there’s no better time than today to get a policy!

The company offers coverage up to $8 million and you can get your free quote from Ladder today in just 5 minutes without picking up the phone, filling out paperwork, or providing a medical exam. Don’t wait to protect your family’s financial future!

A Few Smart Adjustments Can Go a Long Way

Paying off a house can be a daunting task. But with a few smart cuts to your expenses, you could easily free up some extra money to put towards your home.

The good news is that these top ways of finding extra money might only take a few minutes of your time, yet they may help you pay off the largest of all your debts much faster. Make these adjustments today and pay off that house of yours!