Toyota Sells 10 Millionth Camry On 30-Year Anniversary

Image via GoBOb/Shutterstock

Today marks a milestone for Toyota, who announced that it has sold 10 million Camry automobiles to date.

The Toyota Camry has had 30 years of sales in the US and been the best-selling care in the country for 11 years. In its first year on the market, Toyota sold 52,651 units of the Camry. Of those, 773 are still in operation today.

According to Toyota, there are 6.4 million Camrys’ on the road today and it represents 20 percent of all vehicles sold by Toyota.

“We couldn’t be more excited about Camry’s 10 millionth sale in the U.S.,” said Bob Carter, senior vice president of automotive operations of Toyota Motor Sales, USA, Inc. “With the support of so many loyal customers, Camry has truly become part of the country’s fiber. For seven generations, Toyota dealers have also been instrumental in getting Americans behind the wheel of a Camry. Camry is definitely helping Toyota go places.”

According to the National Highway Safety Administration, the Camry is the most American-made car, with 75 percent of its content sourced domestically.

Comparing the first model to its most recent model, it’s clear to see that the Camry, and Toyota, have come a long way and will continue to grow.