Toys ‘R’ Us Anatomically Correct Baby Doll Causes Controversy

Many parents and Internet users have found themselves in a debate over the appropriateness of a baby doll found at Toys “R” Us.

According to a Huffington Post report, it all began when a New Jersey mother was helping her daughter change the doll’s diaper and discovered it had a penis. Upset about the surprise, she posted a nude image of the “You & Me Mommy Change My Diaper Doll” on Facebook and the discussion began.

What The People Are Saying

Monica Beyer of, supports the doll and sees a simple solution for the parents. She writes, “How on earth is it inappropriate for a child to see a naked baby? The truth is, when a child points out the body part that she doesn’t have, all a parent is required to do is call it by its name.”

However, not everyone agrees it’s as easy as Beyer says. One parent commented on Facebook, “telling my child that it’s a penis will not take away from the fact that she is 4 and it is not necessary for her to learn that anatomy at this time.”

A Bigger Issue

Whether you are for or against the doll, one thing is true: The box does not come with a warning label. This is what makes the majority of parents upset.

They feel it’s up to them to decide when to teach their child this lesson. By not having the label, the parents are forced into a situation that they may not be prepared for. Sadly, this can cause them to mishandle the situation and that could hurt the child.

It must be noted that this isn’t the first child’s doll to be anatomically correct. The first one came out in 1976 and was equally controversial. Do you think it’s time to stop making these dolls or would adding a label help the situation?