Tweets Inside Goldman Sachs Elevators


Are the investment bankers at Goldman Sachs a bunch of egotistical assholes? Apparently so, according to the tweets from @GSElevator. The Twitter account has been feeding us the good, the bad and the ugly—mostly ugly—spoken inside the elevators of Goldman for the past couple of years. With 991 tweets heard from Goldman elevators in New York, London and Hong Kong, the account has built a following of 424,183… and growing. It’s truly unbelievable some of the garbage spewed by these jackasses… and fucking hilarious.

The anonymous creator of @GSElevator spoke to the New York Times in 2011 and explained he or she began the Twitter account for amusement during the summer lull while the market volatility kept the capital market transactions to a minimum. Plus, even though people generally dislike Wall Street professionals, they really have no idea how shallow they actually are. While @GSElevator would not reveal his or her identity—for good reason—the tweeter is a career banker in a front-office, revenue-producing, client-facing role. Although the first several tweets were conversations heard directly, after the Twitter account caught on, a lot of the tweets are now submissions.

No matter who @GSElevator really is, we thank him or her for sharing the absolute bull shit overheard in the Goldman Sachs elevators.