13-Step Ultimate Money Checklist For 2023

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If we’re being honest, we could all do a better job with our money. Even the most financially savvy person can find ways to make their money go further.

Whether you’re looking to make better money moves across the board, make smart investments, supplement your income, or grow your business, this 13-step ultimate money checklist is loaded with money moves that are sure to help!

The Essentials

Money moves everyone should be making.

1. Leave Your Family with Up to $8,000,000: If something tragic were to happen to you unexpectedly, would your family be able to live off of your savings? Probably not. Most people underestimate how much money is needed. That’s why life insurance is a must. And with Ladder, you could get affordable life insurance with coverage that ranges up to $8,000,000. Plans start at just $12 a month; and because Ladder is completely online, you won’t even need to provide a medical exam or fill out paperwork. The younger you get life insurance the cheaper it usually is, and because today is the youngest you’ll be, you shouldn’t delay learning more. Take a couple of minutes to get your free quote from Ladder today!

2. Get Rid of Credit Card Debt with a Personal Loan: Many people fall into credit card debt and their card’s high-interest rate keeps them trapped for years. This is where a personal loan might help. These are lower-interest loans that can be used for just about anything — including paying off your credit card, which could potentially save you big money in interest fees. The average credit card has around a 17% interest rate, while the average 3-year personal loan has an 11.5% interest rate. Credible is an online loan marketplace that helps you find personal loan options in just two minutes. Fill out the site’s simple form and get offers from up to 11 lenders to compare in one place in just 2 minutes. Loan amounts range from $1,000 to $100,000. You can also use a personal loan for other needs, such as paying for medical bills, making improvements to your home, funding your family vacation, and more. Credible has helped thousands get the loans they need, and the company holds an excellent rating on TrustPilot with over 4,184 reviews.

3. Get Your Credit Score Back on Track Quickly: When looking to borrow money for a home, car, or other large purchase, you’re largely at the mercy of your credit score. Credit Sesame could help you take steps towards raising your score quicker, as this site tells you what you need to do to improve and is loaded with helpful tools — from free credit score to free credit score monitoring to free ID theft protection and much more. Sign up for Credit Sesame in minutes (for free) and get that number moving in the right direction!

4. Get Credit for Everyday Bills to Boost Your Credit Score: With a low credit score, proving yourself trustworthy for loans and lines of credit can be a challenge. But this is where Experian Boost can help. This is a completely free service that will help you get credit for Netflix®, Hulu™, Disney+™, phone, utilities, and other bills! It’s easy — link your bank account, choose the payment history you want credit for, and see your credit score boost results instantly!

5. Ask This Site to Help You Lower Your Current Student Loans in Minutes: When you’re drowning in student loan debt, refinancing (replacing your loan(s) with a new loan that has a lower interest rate) is a move that could potentially save you thousands. And with Credible, finding out is very easy. Fill out the site’s short form, and in two minutes, they will find you up to 11 student loan refinance offers to compare in one place. This simple, free check won’t even affect your credit score. When you find a loan you like, close it out and you’ll get a bonus of up to $300 to add to your potential savings!

6. Replace Your Boring Debit Card with This Cashback Earning Debit Card: Your current debit card probably isn’t earning you any money. Most debit cards don’t. But with an Upgrade Cash Back debit card account, you’ll earn cash back on debit card purchases. This FDIC-insured bank account has no hidden fees. Earn cash back whenever you make purchases uses your Upgrade debit card.

7. Switch to This Bank to Do Your Banking Online, Get Rid of Fees, and Earn More Interest: Tired of monthly fees, balance requirements, and pitiful interest rates? Consider opening an Upgrade savings account. This bank offers top-notch online banking and has no monthly fees or balance requirements. With their savings account, you’ll earn a high interest rate that is over 5%.


Money moves for new investors and investment tycoons alike.

8. Diversify Your Investments with Blue-Chip Artwork: Investing in blue-chip artwork used to be something only the super-rich could afford to do. Masterworks is a company that is changing that. Anyone can now Invest in top art pieces that have been curated by research professionals. Investing in blue-chip artwork has outperformed the S&P by more than 250% from 2000 – 2018, according to Artprice. Administrative costs, professional storage, insurance, annual appraisals, and more are all covered for just a small management fee. Request an invite to Masterworks’ free membership today!

9. Invest in Real Estate without Being Rich: Don’t think you have the money needed to invest in real estate? Think again. HappyNest allows everyday people to invest in real estate with just a minimum investment of $10. Choose to invest a higher amount if you want. Your tenants will be names like Fedex and CVS. Sign up with HappyNest today and start investing like the top 1%!

10. Find Out How Much You Can Afford for a New Home in Minutes: No money checklist is complete without addressing one of the largest investments you’ll ever make — your home. The home-buying process can be daunting, but Credible makes it much easier at all stages. As a loan comparison site and online marketplace, Credible shows you how much you can afford, gets you pre-approved for a mortgage in just three minutes, allows you to compare offers in one place, and helps you close out a new mortgage quickly. Not to mention, it’s free to use and 100% online. Find out how much you can afford for a new home with Credible today!

Making Extra Money

Money moves that will help you put more money in your pocket.

11. Take Surveys in Your Free Time to Earn Extra Cash: Looking for a fun activity to help kill time? With Branded Surveys, you can actually get paid for offering your opinion to all kinds of brands. Create a profile and Branded Surveys will match you with surveys most likely to pique your interest. As you complete surveys, you’ll earn points and be able to redeem them for money or gift cards to popular retailers and restaurants. Check this fun money move off your ultimate money checklist today by signing up with a valid email address or Facebook account!

Business Owners

Money moves that will help you grow your business.

12. Get Your Hands on the Funds Needed to Help Your Business Thrive: Need funding without entering into a marriage with investors? Fundera could help you get approved for a loan that sees funds deposited in your bank account in only a few days. Fill out one simple application form and this site will find multiple options for you to compare all at once. To date, Fundera has helped more than 85,000 businesses secure over $2.5 billion in funding. Check out your options with Fundera today!

13. Fast-Track Growth by Helping Customers Find You Online: There are probably customers who are currently looking for your business online. With Yelp ads, you can make it easier for them to find you! As one of the largest online directories, Yelp allows businesses to create powerful advertising campaigns for their products and services. Sign up today and join more than 4.8 million businesses that are already using Yelp to reach more customers. You’ll even get a free $300 advertising credit!

You Deserve to Get More from Your Money

Ready to check off each money move from our ultimate money checklist? Many of these moves can be completed without leaving your couch!

Of course, making smart money moves is going to help you manage your money better and save hard-earned dollars in the here and now. But it’s also going to help you plan for the future and make smarter investments that pay off in a big way down the road!