Video: 7 1/2-Month-Old Baby Water Skis Like A Champ

I remember back when I was about 11, my family took my cousins and I out on the lake to learn to water ski—and cruelly videoed our failed attempts. Wipeout after wipeout after wipeout occurred as we struggled unsuccessfully to gain our balance behind the boat. Finally my cousin Amy got up on those skis and we all rejoiced. But the rest of us miserably and disastrously nosedived into the water, or just drug our asses the whole time. I always blamed my massive failure on lack of upper body strength, but maybe we just started out too old…

Take Ryder, for example. The 7 ½-month-old from Queensland, Australia can’t even walk yet. But he water-skis like a pro. His mom recently uploaded a video of his pursuit to YouTube, and the media is buzzing about the sensational water baby. Oh sure, he hasn’t graduated to skiing behind a boat yet (Ryder’s skis are pulled along the shoreline), but he’s moving along at a pretty quick pace for a little guy, and he seems to be having a good time, too.

Since the colder months are approaching Down Under, Ryder will have a few months to focus on some other hobbies—like learning to walk. But his folks are already planning to get him behind a boat next season.

This should definitely be a video Ryder will be proud to show off when he gets older.