VIDEO: ‘Friendly Dating Advice’ Identifies 21st-Century ‘Dating’

He asked me out on date,” the girl says dreamily.

A date? No one still goes on dates. What is this, 1985?

It’s true, dating by its usual definition in today’s culture of overwhelming virtual interaction and instant gratification often seems archaic.

He said it ironically, right?” her friend presses.

What’s the big deal?” the girl asks.

Guys don’t take girls out to dinner anymore,” her friend says matter-of-factly. “They invite you to their apartment, to watch a movie on Netflix. Or bring you to see his friend’s band play…” Or any number of things, including “to the bedroom, for a casual encounter.

That feels weird,” she says.


Though entertaining because of its brutal honesty, the latest viral video from Reverse Cowboys is almost more disturbing than entertaining. Close your eyes while watching: if you ignored the pitch of the voices, could you tell who was suggesting what?

I think not. The sketch completely neuters its characters and takes away all sexual stereotypes of the past; which, itself, is perhaps a social commentary on the world today. Nobody has a gender, everybody gives the same advice, and not even the two people who reject that advice can manage to complete their rebellion.

Still, the video is entertaining, and, critique or no, it’s pretty spot on. Watch it above.