Video: P&G Releases Ad For Bacon-Flavored Scope

This whole bacon craze has simply gone too far. Don’t get me wrong… I love bacon. I may even adore bacon. I love it when it’s greasy, lean, fatty, meaty, hot or cold. I love to shove a whole slice in my mouth and break off little crumbles. It goes great on sandwiches, wrapped around steaks, in salads and in soups. So, yes, I agree bacon is a very versatile food. But some of these new bacon products are just gross. Bacon-flavored spread? Ew. Bacon flavored cola? Disgusting. And bacon vodka, just wrong.

Now Proctor & Gamble is taking this bacon phenomenon to a whole new level of repugnance with bacon-flavored Scope mouth wash—because that’s just the flavor we all need to wash away our mouth crud in the mornings. True, bacon makes a great breakfast food when we start our days, but using it to clean the gunk taste from a night’s sleep is a whole different matter. At least it doesn’t leave a bacon smell. According to P&G, the product “leaves your breath smelling minty fresh five times longer than brushing alone.

Ironically, the ad for bacon-flavored Scope has been released just in time for an April Fool’s Day launch of the product. Could it possibly be a joke? One can only hope.