Video: Zack Morris Seeks Deal In The ‘Shark Tank’


All I ever really needed to know I learned from “Saved By the Bell.” Think about it. You know it’s true if you were fortunate enough to grow during the 10 to 15 year span when the ultra-hip show was on pretty much every time of the day at some point of another—even if you only had basic cable. If you had satellite, you could have probably watched the Bayside gang 24 hours a day for a while there in the mid-90s.

And through those memorable experiences of watching every episode—at least five times—I learned a great deal about life. I discovered middle school friends weren’t really important in the grand scheme of things, as people tend to forget all about them when they meet up with a new crowd in high school. And jocks, preps and dorks really can hang out together in one clique. As long as they have the right suspenders.

Forget Occam’s Razor. Who says the simplest solution to a problem is the correct answer? Certainly not the Bayside crew. Of course when homecoming queen Kelly gets a zit the most logical conclusion is for Screech to invent a zit cream that ultimately turns her face maroon. Why try something stupid like Stridex? And when Zach and Co. forget Screech’s birthday, who try some ridiculous scheme like taking him to a movie or giving him a thoughtful gift? It makes SO much more sense to throw him a party in Mr. Belding’s office, thanks to some super-speed skills.

Zach and Jessie taught me to say no to drugs. Thanks to “Saved by the Bell,” I learned doing dope—even if it’s just NoDoz—is for dopes. Even if it makes you “so excited,” you’ll end up “so scared,” before the episode ends. If nothing else, you’ll end up as a washed up showgirl.

Now that we’ve mused upon a couple of the hundreds of lessons I gathered from my “Saved By the Bell” viewing, let’s focus instruction that could have been afforded entrepreneurs who, time and again, blow their opportunities to score major investments on ABC’s “Share Tank.” The series, in its fourth season, features a panel of entrepreneurs and business executives who consider making business investments sought by entrepreneurs. In a video mash-up, YouTube user VKMTV shows what might have occurred had Zach Morris presented his business class project, Friendship Bracelets.

“There’s nothing more important in life than your friends,” Zach begins the proposal in footage from the “Saved by the Bell” episode that featured the Buddy Bands wars. “So what better gift from a friend to a friend, than a beautiful, hand-made friendship bracelet?”

The video than cuts back to “Shark Tank” footage as sharks Mark Cuban, Daymond John, Kevin Harrington, Barbara Corcoran and Robert Herjavec appear to be delighted by the product.

At the end of the day I could make a lot of money with this,” Harrington said. “I could license this brand in a lot of places.”

The conversation continues with creative usage of clips from both shows.

I just bought Bill Cosby,” Zack says when Herjavec questions the requested $100,000’s use.

Needless to say, the video is a hilarious mix of Zach Morris’ signature charm and enthusiasm and the sharks’ serious candor. If only some more business owners would take some advice from the Zach Morris school of business before making their own proposals, they might more-successfully secure deals.

[Image via YouTube/VKMTVStudios]