Warren Buffett Helps One Lucky Couple Get Engaged At Annual Shareholder Meeting (Video)

What’s one of the perks of being a shareholder of Warren Buffett’s jewelry megastore, Borsheims? Well, it doesn’t hurt when you want to help pull off a surprise proposal with the personal help of the billionaire himself. After a couple of hours working the counter and offering shareholders “Crazy Warren” prices on some beautiful jewels, the Borsheims blog reports that he helped a shareholder, and his first customer of the day, pull off the surprise of a lifetime.

Eric LaFante told his girlfriend he was buying a necklace from Mr. Buffett, but instead bought an engagement ring, dropped to his knee, and proposed to his girlfriend. Mr. Buffett handed the two glasses of champagne before toasting them with Borsheims President & CEO Karen Goracke.

Luckily for us, it was all caught on tape! Check out the super sweet video below of how Warren Buffet seamlessly helped pull of a beautiful engagement.