Watch: Inside A Tornado In Kansas

Image via Facebook/Sean Casey

Storm chasers Brandon Ivey and Sean Casey are very lucky to be alive today. On May 27th, the pair were caught inside a wide wedge tornado for a full two minutes and live to tell the tale.

Sean Caseey is an IMAX film maker who directed “Tornado Alley” and “Storm Chasers.” He is also creator of the TIV or Tornado Intercept Vehicle. When reports of heavy storms and tornados started coming out Osborne Kansas, him and Brandon set off in the TIV to investigate the storm.

What followed was a horrific look at Mother Nature. Sean and Brandon were trapped inside the TIV, powerless to escape the storm’s onslaught. Brandon captured the whole event on video which you can see at the top of this article. The camera’s speakers can hardly handle the wind power, and Sean and Brandon, though they never scream in terror often mention that their ears are popping as the Tornado’s power increases.

Sean reported later on Facebook about the details of the encounter:

For those who are wondering why they weren’t swept away by the storm, here is a picture of the TIV, the vehicle they were hiding in:

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