Watch The Incredible Moment A Grief-Stricken Goat Is Reunited With His Burro Best Friend (Video)

You know what it feels like when you’re separated from your best friends for long periods of times—it really sucks. Well, if you didn’t know already, animals feel the same sense of heartbreak and loneliness when apart from their besties.

Enter Mr. G, a sweet 10-year-old rescue goat that was taken in at the Animal Place Rescue Ranch in Grass Valley, Calif. Mr. G was brought to the sanctuary from a hoarding case in southern California, where he lived in neglect with his burro buddy, Jellybean. Animal Place says it was one of the two sanctuaries willing to take in the animals from the hoarding case but could only take the goat, and the other only the burro.

“The two were separated in order to save their lives,” the Animal Place website says.

We didn’t know the depth of their bond.”

After less than a week of being at Animal Place without his lifelong friend, Mr. G made his sadness more than apparent. He sat in the corner of his stall, refusing to eat or go outside for six entire days. The folks at Animal Place say that other than his grief and depression, Mr. G was completely healthy.

Unable to watch the poor goat waste away in his misery, the sanctuary decided they had to reunite the best friends even though they had never taken in a burro before. A volunteer from Animal Place offered to drive 14 hours to retrieve Jellybean and bring him home to reunite with his pal.

What happened next was nothing short of miraculous and telling of the deep level of emotions that our furry friends can feel. Cheers to Mr. G and Jellybean, best friends and the good people at Animal Place for the awesome work they’re doing!