Watch This Dog Lose His Mind After Getting 100 Balls For His Birthday (Video)

When was the last time you just completely lost your mind over a surprise birthday gift? Well for Maymo the Lemon Beagle, it just happened. Maymo, known all over YouTube and Facebook for his “extremely cute and derby activities,” got the surprise of his life when his owners made it rain plastic toy balls everywhere for his big day.

Maymo was clearly excited enough when he got one or two balls to play with around the house and practically went bananas when 100 toy balls fell out of the sky. If he could put what he was thinking into words, his family imagines he would be saying something like, “At first I thought it was the apocalypse… then I realized it was the best birthday present ever!”

Watching Maymo appreciate the little things in life just gives us the fuzzies inside. Catch more of this adorable pup’s antics on his very own Instagram account.