Watch This Kid Throw A Tantrum Because He Can’t Get Married (Video)

Already aware at the young age of 6 that some doors are mysteriously closed to him, the young man in this video, otherwise known as Dean, couldn’t control his tears when told by his dad that he was too young to get married.

After he laments that it takes “a thousand million days” to become old enough to get married, his dad tries to reassure him that no one needs to get married until they’re older — like, say, in their 30s. This only makes Dean wish that he was 80 so he, too, could enjoy matrimonial bliss. When his dad then points out that you have to be in love to get married, Dean informs him that he already is. There’s no mention of who the lucky object of his affection is, but it appears that he’s hatching a plan to get married as soon as he hits 18… or possibly 19. Yeah, 19 sounds good.