Watch Weatherman Jim Cantore Freak Out Over Thundersnow (Video)

Listen to that! It’s Weather Channel weatherman Jim Cantore flipping out (in a good way) over the repeated instances of thundersnow that occurred in Boston recently as Winter Storm Neptune raged over New England.

Thundersnow, otherwise known as a thunderstorm that occurs during a snowstorm, often features lightning strikes and thunder, as you might expect from the weather event’s name. It’s also extremely rare; according to Mother Nature Network, only 0.07 percent of snowstorms are associated with thunder. Heavy snowfall is quite common during thundersnows, University of Missouri atmospheric scientist Patrick Market tells MNN, and these events are most likely to happen in late winter or early spring when masses of cold air meet warm, moist air near the ground.

All of this apparently excites Cantore very much. If you think he’s excited for the “twofer” that occurs early on in the video, wait until he sees even more thundersnow. How many times does he witness this thrilling phenomenon? You’ll just have to watch the video and see. Oh, baby. Look at all that cold air meeting warm, moist air near the ground. Just look at it.