Watch What Happens When People Come Face-To-Face With A Killer Clown In This Frightening Yet Hilarious Prank (Video)

screen shot via YouTube/DmPranksProductions

A lot of people are scared of clowns—this is not news. From Ronald McDonald to the birthday clown that one kid’s parents just had to hire for the party, they’re all a little terrifying for everyone. So, it’s obviously no shocker that when a handful of people came face-to-face with a crazed clown driving a huge mallet in what looks like someone’s skull —in an empty parking lot at night— they almost shit their pants.

Luckily it was just a joke—although no word on the long-lasting mental and emotional repercussions these people are surely suffering from now…

The pranksters, simply known as Diego and Matteo of DMPranksProductions, played their little killer clown prank without mercy in the dead of night in places where coming across even the cutest puppy would have your heart pounding. When their killer clown wasn’t smashing heads in and chasing down his victims in parking lots and dark alleys, he is ominously pouring what looks like gasoline around a guy’s car — all the while having a staring contest with him.

If this sounds scary as hell to imagine, just be glad you weren’t one of these poor souls who were victims of these hilarious—er…really scary and cruel prank. Check out the video below of what happens when people come face-to-face with a killer clown.