Watching Barry The Pug Take A Bath Is the Most Adorable Thing You’ll See All Day (Video)

This is Barry. He’s a pug. He also enjoys baths perhaps more than any other dog. Posted by his owner, Australian carpenter David Stanton, this video shows Barry being bathed during a heat wave, and might possibly make your heart explode with joy as you watch him squirm in ecstasy (not that kind of ecstasy; just good, old-fashioned bath time ecstasy. You know how it is).

You might expect a small dog taking a bath in a sink to either sit there silently shivering, or perhaps to make repeated attempts to jump out of the sink. Not Barry. Barry’s modus operandi is to sit firmly in the sink and present all his best angles to both the faucet and the camera while kicking his legs in happiness. Barry is in dog nirvana during this bath. He has found the secret to bliss.