Watching These Teens React To ‘Saved By The Bell’ Will Make You Feel Old (Video)

Remember the days when you’d get home from school, throw your heavy bookbag on the floor, and unwind by popping on some “Saved By The Bell”?

Well, these teens don’t.

The Fine Brothers decided to teach these tight-pantsed youngsters a thing or two by subjecting them to some quality ’90s programming. The teens reactions are priceless. The segment also features guest star Maisie Williams, who is better known for her role as the daring younger Stark sister, Aria, from “Game Of Thrones.”

The teens start out commenting on the opening credits before voting on the hotness of Zach vs. Slater, and then moving on to analyzing some of the series’s plot lines. They even have the gall to laugh at Jesse Spano’s infamous scene where she breaks down from taking too many caffeine pills.

Which isn’t surprising considering these kids are probably chewing adderall between takes.