Watching This Bunny Gobble Up Raspberries Is The Best Stress Reliever You’ll Get This Week (Video)

It’s not like animals have never eaten—hell, that’s mostly what they’re doing when they’re not mating and defecating. Eat, poop, procreate—isn’t that pretty much the life of an animal (some humans included…)? So, why are people simply obsessing over tiny animals eating tiny things these days? Because it’s so freakin’ adorable, that’s why. (Watching this hamster eat an elegant dinner of tiny burritos was worth every second spent…and then some.)

So whenTumblr user Anditslove posted a video of an adorable bunny named Luna pretty much inhaling raspberries on May 7, it unsurprisingly took the Internet by storm. Watching Luna (how cute is her name, by the way?!) gobble up raspberries like there’s no tomorrow is, for some odd reason, an incredibly effective stress reliever. There’s no big surprise, nothing unique about an animal ingesting food just like it and its species have done for millions of years.

And yet: IT. IS. SO. CUTE. So cute, in fact, that the video has racked up more than 9.8 million views on YouTube since it was posted by a 3rd party user on May 9. And according to Anditslove’s Tumblr page, Luna’s owner had no idea that she was getting this much buzz until an anonymous messenger pointed out that the little bunny had become an Internet sensation overnight.

“I saw that! I wasn’t expecting this reaction at all,” Anditslove responded to the message on her Tumblr page.

I just thought a few people on Tumblr would see it, and that’s all. It makes me smile so much to know that Luna brings other people happiness too.”

Even Ellen Degeneres had something to say about Luna’s magical ability to spread pure joy wherever her little face pops up.

If you’re ready to feel the happiest you’ve felt all week, let us have the pleasure of introducing Luna, the raspberry gobbling bunny that will melt your heart.