What Her Favorite TV Show Says About Her

Sometimes people watch a TV show simply because it is on television. Other times, they feel an intense pull toward that show. It speaks to their souls, and they can no longer imagine life without “Law and Order: Special Victims Unit,” or what have you.

Would it be inaccurate to define a person by his or her favorite television show? Yes. Are we going to try and do it anyway? Yes. Might it mean something after all? Sure, why not?

Now that we’ve decided to say, “What the hell, why not judge a book by its favorite TV series?”, here is a guide to what the following might say about your next female companion:

“Broad City”

To put it simply, this lady is fun. She knows how to have a good time and a good laugh, and she doesn’t feel the need to do anything elaborate or expensive in order to procure either. She’s also super smart — this is a woman who “gets it,” so make sure you can keep up.

“Law and Order: Special Victims Unit”

This woman is very caring and socially conscious but also a tiny bit out of touch in that she’ll shift between being way too cynical and way too hopeful about human behavior. She cares a lot about other woman and will openly identify as a feminist/social justice advocate without you having to ask.


She’s ambitious and none too easy to stimulate. Try and get in the way of her career or her friends and she will slay you… with one very withering glance.

“Gilmore Girls”

She’s sentimental and truly values her alone time. Her relationship decisions will be informed and well thought through. Never try to play her for a fool. (I mean, never try to play anyone for a fool, but you especially won’t get away with it here.)


She feels like “one of the dudes,” which could be a really fun thing… or it could be painful watching a woman thinking she has to “act like a guy” to relate to one.

“Adventure Time”

She’s probably some kind of artist, and if she’s not, she’s maybe kind of hoping for you to be. This woman is also extremely whimsical. Her thinking resides on a different plane than most people’s. She’s very likely to quote the show when she gets excited about something (“Algebraic!!”).

“Pretty Little Liars”

She enjoys intrigue, and she probably has a bit of a mean streak. That can be a good thing when it comes to getting to know someone for real.

“The Walking Dead”

Anyone who loves zombie entertainment has to be a little bit fascinated by the end of times. Embracing the apocalypse makes a woman a true survivor…because she’s thought about how she’s going to survive in whatever horrific situation comes at her. She’s a strong companion and will support you even in dark times.

“Game of Thrones”

With an active imagination, this fantasy-embracing woman wants to explore, whether it’s your body or another country next time she gets the opportunity to take a vacation (and even if she doesn’t have the money to travel far, she’ll find a way to take the time to go somewhere she hasn’t been before). You won’t have to work to help her balance her desire for sex and her need to absorb herself in long novels. She knows how to make time for both.


She’s a bit disillusioned with her position in life, so she likes to see other people struggling more than her. She might find Brooklyn romantic (the super gentrified parts) and doesn’t believe in being an “adult,” which could be fun until it becomes… no longer fun, if you know what I mean.

“New Girl”

She has a sense of humor but not the best one. She likely fancies herself one of those women who gets along better with guys than with other women, and she will repeat that a lot, to the point where you don’t know whether to believe her.

“The Mindy Project”

She has a better sense of humor than the woman who loves “New Girl,” and she’s not afraid to make fun of herself/make a fool of herself because it’s just not a big deal. If you’re looking for someone to goof around with but who will also act as your rock, it might be this lady.

“The Bachelor”

She’s a true romantic, and she enters relationships “for the right reasons.” In her mind, those reasons are to get married and eventually have children.


Her interests range from morbid to practical. She’ll be especially adamant about people giving her every side of any story they tell, and she will tell you that she doesn’t believe everything she reads/sees on TV… even though she’ll sometimes bring up tidbits she’s learned about the U.S. prison system from “Lockup” as if they’re gospel.

“Sons of Anarchy”

Obviously this is the kind of woman who wants nothing more than to ride a motorcycle into the night, or day, or afternoon. She seeks out adventure but also has some mothering sensibilities. She wants someone to care for, even when she’s putting herself in potentially dangerous situations.

“How To Get Away With Murder”

She fancies that she’s totally conniving and can get away with anything. This is far from the truth. Her sneaky smile serves as a constant dead giveaway for her mischief, which she’s prone to want to cause. Whether she actually gets up to any depends on her level of courage, which will be hard to predict based on her favorite TV show.

“The View”

She doesn’t have a job. Or she’s in childcare. So she’s either irresponsible or extremely responsible.

“The Real Housewives”

Whether it’s the housewives of Atlanta or Orange County, this woman loves watching other woman bitch at each other, which actually isn’t a red flag since almost everyone in America shares this sentiment. Money probably means something to her. You’ll have to find out whether she loves it or loathes what it can do to people.

“Ren and Stimpy”

She’s a real wildcard and currently in her mid- to late 20s. She likes smoking pot and eating cereal, probs.

“Orange Is the New Black”

She prefers getting too much of a good thing to delayed gratification. Friends are extremely important to her, and she’s good at keeping lots of them. She forges deep bonds and stays loyal to the people who are closest to her.

“The L Word”

She’s a lesbian. Don’t even try it.