Woman Loses Most Expensive Prize Ever On ‘Price Is Right’: Ferarri 458 Spider

The Price Is Right has been giving away some sweet rides lately. For a while there, contestants were getting a string of el-cheapos like Geos and Kias. And don’t get me wrong, a new car is a new car. But don’t even try to tell me the suspense isn’t hella more incredible when the prize at stake is a Porsche, a Tesla or even a Farrari.

Frenzy ensued April 25 when one young contestant on the Price Is Right was offered the chance to win the most expense prize in the show’s history, the Ferrari 458 Spider. The 560-horsepower V8 engine hardtop convertible is equipped with a seven-speed transmission. It features satellite radio, navigation, Bluetooth, as well as front and rear parking sensors. The car can go from 0 to 62 miles-per-hour in less than 3.4 seconds, and its aluminum hardtop can be lowered or raised in just 14 seconds.

All Therese had to do for the Ferrari to be hers was correctly arrange six numbers in the exact order. OK, it was a little trickier than all that. The Three Strikes Game requires a player to pull numbers out of sack and correctly place them in price of the car—in this case $285,716. But if Therese drew three “X” chips before she got the price right, game over. Therese struck out. Damn, it must have sucked to be her in that moment.

But is it more exciting to watch a contestant lose a dream car like a Ferrari Spider or win a lame-by-comparison prize like a Huyndai Elantra? Sure, maybe you can buy 20 Elantras for every Spider, but who cares if you lose in the end, right? Plus, what average Joe appearing on the Price is Right can even afford to drive a Ferrari if he actually won? No, Marc here definitely got the better end of the stick, and there was a shit-ton more celebration in the end.