World’s Largest Cigar Sells For $185,000


Now that’s one heck of a cancer stick! When owner of Juan Panesso received an order for 100 high-end cigars, costing $750 each, he couldn’t believe it.

It’s like buying 100 Ferraris,” Panesso said. “In my years I have never sold one of these cigars.

But his astonishment turned to absolute shock when the customer proceeded to request the world’s largest cigar, as well.

We try to cater to premium high-end smokers,” Panesso said. “But we’ve never had something like this. It’s really odd, and stressful and exciting at the same time.


Panesso found the world largest cigar—a 20-foot long, 3-foot-wide stogie containing 1,600 pounds of Nicaraguan tobacco—in a Clearwater, Fla. warehouse where it was used for cigar conventions and other promotions. He sold the Gran Habano #5 El Gigante to his client, the CEO of Oakley sunglasses, for $185,000. Panesso was pleased with the condition of the cigar.

They did a great job storing it,” he said. “It’s moist, smells great and isn’t falling apart.

The customer, who wanted the El Gigante for a Super Bowl party, also requested a Davidoff Dom Perignon cigar Cuba—the most sought-after cigar in the world. One box costs $16,000.

Must be some Super Bowl party—more than $200,000 up in smoke.