World’s Most Expensive Champagne Bottle At $1.8 Million

Image via Gouts de Diamants

Really feel like impressing your friends? Try inviting them over for a casual bottle of Goût de Diamants’ Brut Diamond champagne, which bubbles in a bottle worth $1.8 million.

You would have to commission it yourself, of course, as the unnamed client did of this specialty bottle filled with a light and flowery mixture of Grand Cru Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier. Like this wealthy client, you could even get your name engraved on the 18-carat white gold that forms Goût de Diamants’ logo, where the real value of the bottle lies.

Nestled in the white gold, where the usual Swarovski crystal would sit, is a 19-carat diamond, providing the $1.8 million value of this unparalleled champagne bottle. For some people, crystals clearly don’t make the cut when it comes to bottle adornment.

The UK’s Alexander Amosu was commissioned to fabricate this bottle, a task that should not have been a big challenge for the man responsible for creating a bespoke suit service “based not only on the opulent fabrics” but also on Amosu’s years of experience and training as an expert tailor, according to his website, where you will also find his “bespoke mobile phones” and other luxury accessories.

As the Daily News reports, Goût de Diamants is not alone in putting their wine in a wildly pricey container. Champagne De Watère performed a similarly dramatic value increase before by including a 24-carat gold coin on the bottom of their bottle. At least the Goût de Diamants version put the expensive piece where we can see it.