World’s Most Expensive Lego Brick Lists for $14,449

The world’s most expensive Lego brick recently listed on the Web site BrickEnvy for a whopping $14,449. The site, which specializes in collectable Lego sets and pieces, listed the 14-carat gold brick that was among a series given to employees who had worked at the Lego factory in Hohenwestedt, Germany for25 years, as well as a couple of select business partners, between 1979 and 1981. Extremely rare, only one or two bricks were given per year. The brick has the same 4×2 dimensions as a standard Lego, but weighs 25.6 grams. The golden Lego is in its original display box, featuring the LEGO logo of the period.

Lego collector John Hughbanks tried to purchase the brick nine months ago when it was up for bid on a German auction site, but lost to a higher bidder. Not to be deterred, Hughbanks sought out the other bidder and purchased the brick. He then listed it for sale on BrickEnvy for the higher price tag, as well as eBay. However, when he received a bid on eBay for $12,500, Hughbanks decided to sell the brick at that price.

It was a tough call for me, to be honest, because I really didn’t want to sell it,” Hughbanks said in an interview. “It was one of those things, what do you do?

According to Hughbanks, the gold value of the brick, if melted down, is about $920.

[Images via BrickEnvy]