XGOLF Simulator Offers Realistic Indoor Golfing Experience

Image via XGOLF

FORE! While installing a putting green in the executive office, den or game room may be a feasible idea, playing a full round of indoor golf is generally not the best idea. Golf enthusiasts would much rather travel to a variety of courses around the world to get their fix. But what about those times when schedules or weather simply don’t allow? As any golfer will attest, Wii Golf is simply not the same.

XGolf is a luxury golf-simulation gaming system that provides the most realistic indoor golfing experience available with today’s technology. The high-end simulator stands head and shoulders above the competition by using multiple sensors to capture one million data points per second, combined with software that processes the data at a rate of 6,000 times per second. XGOLF even measures golf spin and velocity.

Image via XGOLF

Image via XGOLF

Through the use of strategically-placed numerous optical sensors, XGOLF tracks extensive swing data, providing detailed shot information, video analysis, weight-shift analysis and data analysis,” the makers of XGOLF say.

XGOLF offers 93 courses from which to choose. Plus, its surround sound and special effects closely mimic realistic play. For example, when the ball is hit, the grass sways or bunker sand sprays, depending on the location, of course.

The simulator also offers two unique features: XPLATE and XBALL. XPLATE is the variable lie positioning plate—the area on which the golfer stands. The area is designed to reproduce both the feel and the slope of an actual green. The plate tilt adjusts automatically according to which course is being golfed. The XBALL technology retrieves and tees all balls, eliminating the need to fetch balls after shots. It also remembers each player’s tee height preference, and adjusts the tee to the exact millimeter.

XGOLF also offers personalized golfing lessons, and the screen can be used for movies, video games, TV and karaoke. The system sells for $43,000 to $58,000.