You Can Buy An Entire Village In Italy On eBay For Under $335,000

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Timeshares are really overrated when you think about it. These days it’s all about buying some real space, like in the form of an exceptionally beautiful, abandoned Italian village — and it’ll cost you less than $1 million.

The last few inhabitants of Borgata Calsazio, a picturesque mountain village set in the Italian Alps, are selling their hometown for around $335,000 on eBay. You’ll get about 14 stone and timber homes, 50 other outbuildings — and one killer view of the Italy’s mountainous landscape. The only catch: The buyers must maintain the original architecture and restore the village back to its original grandeur following local traditions.

The buildings have distinctive architectural styles which need to be preserved,” Marco Bussone, a representative of National Union of Mountain Communities, an organization that represents Italy’s mountain villages, told La Repubblica newspaper. “We couldn’t allow sloppy restorations that don’t fit in with the local traditions, especially as the village is close to the national park. We will provide a restoration master plan to whoever buys the village.”

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Even for a fixer-upper, Borgata Calsazio sounds like a gem for anyone looking for a fun restoration project in the Italian Alps. The town was left abandoned in the 19th century when most of the mountain village’s inhabitants left to find work abroad. The last few inhabitants are hoping that restoring towns like Borgata Calsazio to a vacation destination will bring back the life to these abandoned villages of yesteryear.

Italy is home to about 40 vacation spots that emerged from ghost towns like Borgata Calsazio, where guests stay in different homes in the village and the entire town is set up like an expansive hotel.

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Just in case you’re interested in snatching up this little gem for yourself, here’s what Borgata Calsazio has to offer, according to its eBay listing:

Borgata Calsazio is a fraction of Sparone, common of the Orco Valley. At the foot of the Gran Paradiso National Park, is located only 50 kilometers from the center of Turin. A strategic location for live, open tourist activity or a restaurant. Fourteen houses combine over 50 compartments. Amidst the Graie Alps, in a unique landscape. The village lends itself to a functional recovery, aimed at restructuring the buildings while respecting the criteria historical-architectural canavesani.”

The online auction ends on Aug. 8.