Your Klout Score Can Now Get You VIP Access To American Airlines Admirals Clubs

Image via Jorg Hackemann/ Shutterstock

What’s your Klout score?

Mine is just high enough, now, to grant me VIP access to American Airline Admiral’s Club in airports across America, regardless of whether my plane ticket is American or Delta or Southwest Of Nowhere.

As of today, the Scale of social media influence announced a new partnership with the airline, and any so-called “influencers” with a Klout score of over 55 (holla!) will be granted a one-day access pass to 37 of American’s elite airport lounges in 22 different cities.

So if you’re a social media doyenne who feels like lounging in a fancy leather chair drinking fancy cocktails and waiting in style for your gate to open, this may be your lucky opportunity.

Image via American Airlines

Image via American Airlines

American Airlines has created a webpage where users can check how their score matches up. Those whose score is under 55 will be entered into a drawing to possibly win access—one winner will receive an entire year’s pass to the Admiral’s Club.

This isn’t the first time Klout has offered real-world rewards to its high-ranking users. Depending on Klout score and location, previous rewards have included giftcards, free test drives of the new Chevy Volt (minus the passenger-side salesman), and even first access to the new Windows phone—because being an influencer is a multi-faceted experience which markets VIP access and elite status to the people who can change the world around them.

It’s easy enough to become an influencer, too, because you’re using systems that are already integrated into much of your life – social media havens like Twitter and Facebook, and also Instagram and Foursquare and LinkedIn.

How does Klout work? The description on the website says it best:

For centuries, influence had been in the hands of a few. Social media has allowed anyone to drive action to those around them, democratizing influence. Klout measures this influence across several social networks and shows users how they impact the people connected to them.