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15 Facts That Will Make You Realize How Important It Is To Take Vacations

You might have fooled yourself into thinking vacations are just a mental health thing, but they’re not. They have a profound impact on physical and emotional health, too; in fact, based on the studies listed ……Continue Reading

10 Novelty Hotels Around The World You’ve Got To See To Believe

You might be used to taking trips to see certain cities or sights, staying in a chain hotel just to …

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Hotel Staffed By Robots Set To Open In Japan This Summer

The Dutch-themed Huis Ten Bosch theme park in Japan’s Nagasaki Prefecture is known for its annual display of lights and …

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15 Reasons Why Everyone Should Experience Traveling Alone

Traveling alone might seem counterintuitive to you; after all, you’re traveling so you can have fun, not so you can …

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Queens, N.Y. Named America’s No. 1 Travel Destination For 2015

Every year, Lonely Planet releases a “Best in the U.S.” list of 10 up-and-coming destinations in America that travelers should …

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Swedish Luxury Hotel Hotel Is Accepting Social Media Followers Instead Of Money

Sweden’s Nordic Light Hotel knows that these days, social media is like gold, and that’s exactly how the Stockholm hotel …

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The Moroccan Town Of Chefchaouen Is Covered In Blue Paint, And It’s Breathtaking

For the wanderlust there is no destination unworthy of discovering. Each city, each town, each corner of this world is …

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10 Reasons Why You Should Travel

You’ve got time off – what should you do with it? Sometimes it’s tempting to save money by having a …

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Maldives Beach Becomes An Amazing Sea Of Stars (Photos)

This beach in the Maldives comes alive at night with the glow of bioluminescent phytoplankton, creating a shore of starlight. …

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6 Stunning Pictures Of Mount Fuji

A vacationer recently stayed at an inn in Japan with the most breathtaking views of Mt. Fuji and was sure …

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Flying Car Is Now A Reality

Terrafugia, a privately held American company, has been developing something that has been a dream of mankind for many years …

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