McDonald’s Tells Its Employees To Avoid Fast Food

12/24/13 11:08AM EST

The McDonald’s employee resource website continues to shell out odd advice. This time, it’s telling employees to stay away from fast food as it’s an unhealthy alternative home-cooked meals.

Fast foods are quick, reasonably priced, and readily available alternatives to home cooking,” one post says, according to CNBC. “While convenient and economical for a busy lifestyle, fast foods are typically high in calories, fat, saturated fat, sugar, and salt and may put people at risk for becoming overweight.”

Another post on the site features a picture of a typical meal at McDonald’s, with the label “Unhealthy choice.” Next to it is a picture of a vegetable-heavy meal labeled “Healthier choice.”

The advice below that picture reads, “Although not impossible, it is more of a challenge to eat healthy when going to a fast food place.”

It is hard to eat a healthy diet when you eat at fast-food restaurants often,” a separate post says.

McDonald’s Agrees With The Healthy Advice

Information on the employee resource site, called the McResource Line, is from a third party and is not supplied by McDonald’s directly. Still, McDonald’s stands by the defaming advice, according to CNBC.

“Portions of this website continue to be taken entirely out of context,” said a McDonald’s statement issued Monday. “This website provides useful information from respected third-parties about many topics, among them health and wellness. It also includes information from experts about healthy eating and making balanced choices. McDonald’s agrees with this advice.”

The statement also reminded people that the fast food chain has added healthier options to its menu, including “oatmeal, grilled chicken, egg whites and real-fruit smoothies.”

Other Advice From The McResource Line

This is just the latest in a series of gaffes on the McResource Line.

McDonald’s took some heat last month for posts on tipping luxury workers like au pairs, pool cleaners and personal fitness trainers. This information was removed after inquiries, and McDonald’s said it would continue to review resources obtained from third parties.

The company’s other recent advice includes returning holiday gifts to get out of debt, and following a budget that allotted no money for heat and just $20 each month for health care.