Watch What Happens When People Come Face-To-Face With A Killer Clown… Again (Video)

6/16/14 4:17PM EST

In the first Killer Clown scare prank video we watched regular citizens react to the terror that is a child’s entertainer turned murderous. Honestly, most people don’t need a false human body with tons of fake blood to have their own blood run cold at the image of a clown, whether its teeth are as pointed as those on the mask in this prank series or not.

A step up from the last batch of DmPranksProductions’ Killer Clown videos, this psycho “killer’s” tactics get even more chilling for round two. With his classic attention-grabbing whistle and other new eerie sonic components, the clown has added new weapons to his horrific repertoire. It’s a wonder that DmPranksProductions hasn’t been sued yet for causing a heart attack in one of these poor, unsuspecting victims of the clown’s terrifying antics. Published June 15, this sequel video already has more than 1 million views—so the potential lawsuit seems to be worth the mass entertainment.


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