13 Things You Didn’t Know About Toronto Mayor Rob Ford

Image via rmnoa357/Shutterstock

Toronto mayor Rob Ford has been in the press a lot lately for his confession to smoking crack cocaine. He’s been accused of sleeping with a prostitute as well, but he refuses to step down. So how much do we know about the man who’s been on our television screens and newspaper?

Apparently, cocaine is the least worry for the family, who have been through a lot.

“Our family has been through everything—from murder to drugs to being successful in business,” the mayor once told a reporter. “Nobody can tell me a story that can shock.”

Here are 13 things you didn’t know about Ford’s life:

1. He comes from a political family. His brother is a Toronto city councilor. His father was a politician and Member of Provincial Parliament (MPP).

2. His father was the founder of Deco Labels and Tags, which makes labels for plastic wrapped grocery items. It’s estimated to have $100 million in annual sales.

3. He grew up pretty rich. His house had a huge pool, six bedrooms and gardens that have hosted up to 1,000 visitors.

4. Comedian Mary Walsh ambushed him in his driveway with breast plates and a plastic sword, requesting an interview.

5. His dream was to become a football player. And being that his family had plenty to spare, they sent him to a youth football camp. Not your around-the-block football camp, either. Football camp with the Washington Redskins.

6. Although he was a popular football player in high school, his University coaches don’t even remember him.

7. He dropped out of college and went to work for his family’s company, becoming their “chief financial officer.”

9. None of his siblings graduated from college.

10. Although Ford won’t discuss the matter, one spokesman reported that his sister, Kathy, was a recovering heroine addict, and that he left school to help her.

11. The top of Kathy’s head was shot off (and required plastic surgery) by the same man who appeared at Ford’s doorsteps in early January, attempting to break in.

12. His wife, Renata, called police to their home and accused him of assault, but later withdrew this accusation.

13. The Harmony Dinner, a fundraising gala intended to help individuals pay off campaign debts, raised the most money for Ford, who owed over $600,000.