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White House Petition Requests National Anthem Change To R. Kelly’s ‘Ignition (Remix)’

The White House Web site has gotten some pretty crazy petitions since its agreement to response to any that receive …

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Video: Harlem’s Take On The ‘Harlem Shake’

Those dudes dressed as Power Rangers that started the whole “Harlem Shake” meme better not show their faces outside the …

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Nine Percent Of Yale Students Are Hos… Except They’re Not

Media has been abuzz since the Drudge Report picked up a story earlier today asserting 10 percent of Yale students …

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The White House Sides With Petition: Cellphone Unlocking Should Be Legal

A petition on WhiteHouse.gov that opposed the Library of Congress’ decision to ban unlocking cellphones reached the 100,000-signature threshold over …

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Hugo Chavez Dead At 58

Controversial Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is dead at 58, having succumbed to an unidentified cancer Tuesday afternoon. Chavez, who was …

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Lamborghini’s Super-Rare Veneno Unveiled At Geneva Motor Show

Imagine climbing inside the sleekest, futuristic sports car you’ve ever laid your eyes upon, placing your foot o the gas …

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Top 10 Strangest Andrew Mason Moments As CEO Of Groupon

Ah, Andrew Mason, we are certainly going to miss you. By starting Groupon you opened up the entire Daily Deals …

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How “TelePod” Was Almost the “iPhone”

So you know how we have the whole iGadget line? We have the iPhone. We have the iPad. We have …

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