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Jimmy Kimmel Gets Coachella Attendees To Admit Liking Fake Bands

The power of suggestion is an amazing thing. Of course, so is the power of chronic, which the quasi-hippies at …

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Research Shows Using Siri In Car As Dangerous As Texting While Driving

OK, so texting while driving isn’t safe, right? We’ve been told time and again not to do it, but a …

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What Do S’mores And Masturbation Have In Common?

What do s’mores and masturbation have in common? Nothing, you say? Well, we know you won’t be showing up on …

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Netflix Shares Soar After-Market Following 1Q Earnings Report

Netflix shares soared more than 24 percent in after-hours trading following a stellar earnings report that topped expectations from the …

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‘The Puppets Can Hear You,’ CNBC Re-Enacts Goldman Sachs’ Elevator Tweets

Remember “Crank Yankers,” the Comedy Central show that ran from 2002 through 2005 created by Adam Corolla, Jimmy Kimmel and …

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New York City Proposes Raising Minimum Age To Buy Cigarettes To 21

Young adults in New York would no longer be able to buy cigarettes under a proposal issued today by the …

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News Anchor Fired On First Day For Dropping F-Bomb On Air

NBC-affiliate KFYR in Bismarck, N.D. fired A.J. Clemente, its new evening news anchor, after his first day on the job. …

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Video: Hidden Camera Captures How Mail Gets From Point A To Point B

Isn’t it a pisser to eagerly await a package only to find the box all smushed and the much-anticipated item …

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