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Where You Stand Inside An Elevator Can Say A lot About You

You’d be shocked what you can learn about human nature if you hang out in an elevator long enough. But …

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Obama Signs STOCK Act Modification, Insider Trading Gets Easier In DC

Oh, Congress, you sneaky little bastards. You think you’ve fooled us again, don’t you? Remember the Stop Trading on Congressional …

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Google Glass Explorers Post First Amateur Videos Using Device

The moment the world has been waiting for has finally arrived. No, it’s not the “Saved by the Bell” reunion …

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Farhad Moshiri Crystal-Covered Bear Painting Sells For Almost $1 Million At Christie’s Middle Eastern Auction

Some self-portrait. Iranian contemporary artist Farhad Moshiri—who became the first Middle Eastern artist to sell a piece of artwork for …

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Black Diamond Marks World’s Most Expensive iPhone 5 At $15 Million

One Hong Kong businessman, referred to only as “Joe,” never has to worry about the home button wearing out on …

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What Goes In Must Come Out: The Myth Behind Swallowed Chewing Gum

We’ve all done it. As we’re blissfully chewing our favorite flavor of chewing gum, whether it’s a sudden surprise, a …

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Facebook To Sell $1 Million Video Ads Beginning In Summer

I’m still pissed because I have to put up with banner ads in my Facebook news feed, the last thing …

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Watch Fred Flintstone And Barney Rubble Light Up With Winston Cigarettes

Yabadabadoo! The Flintstones is one of Americana’s most beloved animated series, and there are likely few without some sort of …

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