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Is Gmail Too Powerful?

It seems like every day there’s another tech startup promising to make your life simpler and easier, with just the …

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Windows 8 Tablet Ad: Using Siri Against Apple (Video)

Shots fired! In the latest ad for Windows 8, Microsoft shows an iPad and one of its brand new Windows …

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3D Printer Saves Baby’s Life

You might think that 3D printing has a long ways to go before it can become useful. Or maybe you’re …

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Conan Tells Taylor Swift What It’s Really Like To Be ’22’ (Video)

Is Taylor Swift’s new song “22” an accurate representation? Conan O’Brien doesn’t think so. In her video, Taylor Swift and …

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Study: You’re Not As Hot As You Think You Are

“Don’t hate me because I’m beautiful.” So says the classic shampoo commercial, but a new study indicates a lot of …

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Montreal Residents Advised Against Using Tap Water

Americans have long been advised not to drink the water when traveling to Mexico. But now some of our neighbors …

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Watch This Video To See How Far Android Has Come

It’s amazing how far smartphone technology has come in just 4 years. Nowadays, the latest iteration of Android (4.2.2) has …

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Iraqi Man Calls Himself The Most Handsome Man In The World

Media outlets are calling Iraqi medical student med Angel the most handsome man on Earth. And he’s pretty proud of …

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