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Awesome Danish Cops Let Kids Use Their Police Car As A Slide (Video)

In Denmark, the police go above and beyond when it comes to serving the public. Acting on nothing but what …

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Pre-School Graduation Speech Outshines Collegiate Speeches Everywhere (Video)

This pre-school graduation speech by recent grad Jathan Muhar will leave you totally moved. Ok, maybe not, but its YouTube …

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The Drinkable Book Can Save Millions Of Lives By Providing Free, Clean Water

Here are some statistics to both shock and scare you: 3.4 million people die each year from water-related diseases, and …

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New Coca-Cola ‘Friendly Twist’ Bottles Force You To Ask Someone Else To Open Your Soda (Video)

In the latest in Coca-Cola’s campaign to promote happiness and fun, the company introduced the Friendly Twist bottles in Colombia. …

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Reading Rainbow Kickstarter Campaign Raises More Than $1 Million On The First Day, LeVar Burton’s Reaction Is Priceless

Just one day after going live, the Reading Rainbow Kickstarter campaign has blown expectations out of the water by raising …

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Does It Really Matter How Long You Wait To Sleep With Him?

Dating is kind of a dying ritual, isn’t it? These days, what’s considered “dating” is often a group of people …

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The First Dog To Wingsuit BASE Jump Looks… Chill? (Video)

Though your first reaction may be to cry “ANIMAL CRUELTY,” on second inspection, this canine looks like he’s having a …

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New Study Claims Obesity Gene May Be The Cause Of Your Weight Problems

A new study published in the Journal Molecular Psychiatry may shine some light on why some adults have more trouble …

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