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New York Businessman Cashing In On Ebola With Supplement That Claims To Help Protect Against The Virus

Continuing the time-honored tradition of using fear to sell people crap that they don’t need, New York businessman Todd Spinelli …

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Eat Your Coffee With New CoffeeBar

Ali Kothari and Johnny Fayad, creators of New Grounds Food, came up with the idea for their coffee-infused energy bar …

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‘The Walking Drunk’ Proves Really Drunk People Look Just Like Zombies (Video)

Zombies have got nothing on drunks, apparently; as seen in the video above, these inebriated citizens are ready to stumble, …

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Whole Foods To Launch A Rating System For Fruits And Vegetables

Grocery giant Whole Foods will soon begin implementing a new system that ranks produce, but it’s not based on nutrition; …

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15 Ways Technology Is Making Us Less Human

Like Frankenstein’s monster rising from his laboratory table and wreaking havoc on the citizens of Switzerland, people of the digital …

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New Husband’s Awful Note To Wife Becomes Instantly Romantic When The Second Part Is Revealed (Photo)

Whoever said romance is dead clearly hasn’t seen this note, posted on Reddit by user proudlyhumble. Purportedly left by his …

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McDonald’s Reveals Its Processing Process (Video)

A growing awareness of nutrition — the good and the bad — as well as the desire to know what’s …

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14 Signs You Need A Short Break From Instagram

For the most part, Instagram is an easy way to share pictures with your friends and look cool while doing …

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