Eat Your Coffee With New CoffeeBar

Image via Kickstarter/CoffeeBar

Ali Kothari and Johnny Fayad, creators of New Grounds Food, came up with the idea for their coffee-infused energy bar during the kind of moment that hits all college students at least once during their academic career; that is, they were tired and didn’t want to make coffee. So, according to their Kickstarter page, they asked the simple question that would lead to the founding of New Grounds Food: “Why can’t we eat our coffee?”

This led them to create the CoffeeBar, an edible energy bar made with fair trade coffee, no preservatives and all-natural ingredients like cashews, almond butter, espresso, dates, chia seeds, chocolate chips and oats. They’re even vegan and totally raw, so health-conscious coffee lovers can buy them in good conscience. With 102 mg of caffeine in each bar — or the equivalent of a regular-sized cup of coffee — New Grounds Food promises to keep people energized in a convenient and portable way that probably also has less of an effect on the bladder.

The project’s original goal of $10,000 was reached quickly; now it’s focused on stretch goals, including partnering with Project Alianza to source the coffee for the bars directly from farming families “in need of support,” according to the Kickstarter page. Currently, the plan is to begin manufacturing in November and ship the bars in December.

New Grounds Food’s next goal, which has yet to be funded in the amount of $75,000, is to create more flavors. The company originally planned to manufacture four flavors of CoffeeBars, but due to the costs of scaling up the project, is now only producing one: mocha latte. With further funds, their flavors will be expanded, and if they raise even more money, they plan to create new products that will bring new forms of caffeine to the eager stomachs of college students and coffee addicts everywhere.