4 Low-Cost Alternatives To Having A Business Landline

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While there are benefits to having a landline, there’s also a hefty cost. However, you probably don’t want to give your cell phone number out to everyone. Luckily, there are several quality solutions that won’t require you to get a landline and won’t flood your personal phone with business calls. And the best part is that you get to use equipment you already own.

1. eVoice

How It Works:

eVoice is a phone system based in the cloud. Pick a toll-free or local phone number and set up a menu of options, just like every business you’ve ever called. That menu routes calls to whatever number you want, but callers only see the business number you selected. The system is online 24/7, so callers will always be able to reach you and hear your menu message. This is a great solution because the menu is extremely professional and gives you the option to send calls to your cell phone, your co-workers, or your voicemail. You can run your entire business from wherever you are, without needing a landline tied to a home base.

What You Pay:

After a 30-day free trial, you can pick from four different plans, starting at $12.99 a month. Each option offers a range of extensions and minutes, allowing you to choose what works best for you. It’s also possible to change your plan at any time. This means you can just bump up your plan if you suddenly find yourself in need of more minutes or want to add another co-worker’s phone extension.

2. Grasshopper

How It Works:

Grasshopper is an online phone system which makes your business look more professional. Pick a toll-free or local number, or even a vanity number with a customized word, like 1-800-FLOWERS.

You customize your greeting and menu, and set extensions for everyone in your business so that calls can be forwarded to specific numbers. All of your voicemails will be transcribed and emailed to you, so you can easily check in without having to listen to a message. Grasshopper also gives you the option of accepting texts on your business line, and offers a great user-friendly app.

What You Pay:

Grasshopper offers three plans depending on the size of your business, starting at $26 a month. All of the plans come with unlimited minutes, and vary according to how many extensions you need. There’s a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk in giving it a try. You can upgrade your plan at any time, allowing your phone service to grow with your business.

3. Smartline

How It Works:

Smartline is a new service from GoDaddy that gives you a dedicated business line and voicemail on your existing cell phone. Phone calls for your business show up on caller ID as “via Smartline,” so you can choose to answer them or send them to voicemail. You can use your cell phone to make business calls and know that your personal number is protected. That’s because outgoing calls through the app show up as your business number. You can also send and receive texts with your business phone number. As an added bonus, you can set business hours for your number, so you can keep your work life separate from your personal life.

What You Pay:

Smartline will give you a business phone, but you don’t actually need anything other than the free app. You can try a plan free for a month, then pick the one that best suits you. The basic plan offers 100 minutes and 100 texts for $3.99 a month. The unlimited plan offers unlimited everything for $9.99 a month. Both plans include a local number for your business, a voicemail box, transcribed voicemails, and more.

4. FreedomVoice

How it Works:

The main idea of this service hinges on the ‘CloudNumber,’ a professional local or 1-800 number which is managed via a smartphone (not through a fancy or expensive piece of equipment). You get to stay in control of your number and everything it offers your customers, including your personalized greeting. You can sign any of your employees up to the system, giving them their own extension. That’s all it takes for them to be reached through the number – it doesn’t matter if they’re in Bali, or Bermuda, or Baltimore. You can also check voicemails and faxes from anywhere, thanks to the free mobile app.

What you Pay:

You can try the service for free for 30 days. If you don’t like it, you can cancel. However, you’re probably going to like it. That’s because it offers great plans for great prices – from $9.95 a month for a number with 400 minutes, to the Max plan which offers unlimited minutes for $29.95 a month. Those caught somewhere in the middle can choose the Edge plan for $19.95 a month.