7 Benefits Of Using H&R Block’s Free Online Tax Filing Option More Zero

H&R Block

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Tax season has arrived once again, but submitting your return doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. H&R Block is here to help, with its online option that allows you to file from the comfort of your own home – for free. Here are seven great reasons to use H&R Block More Zero.

1. Federal and state taxes can be filed.

H&R Block’s free online filing service is a one-stop shop, allowing you to file both federal and state returns. Whether you’re submitting a 1040EZ, a 1040A, or a 1040 with Schedule A (itemized deductions), H&R Block More Zero has you covered.

2. Submit your W-2 using your smartphone.

It couldn’t be easier to submit your W-2. Simply take a photo using your smartphone and upload the information with the W-2 Capture feature. If you used another service to file last year’s taxes, you can also drag and drop a PDF of that return into the system.

3. It lets more people file for free than its competitors do.

H&R Block More Zero allows almost 50 percent more taxpayers to file their returns for free than its largest competitor. For instance, Turbo Tax charges a total of $76.98 to file state and federal returns for those submitting a 1040 with Schedule A. That same service is entirely free when you file online with H&R Block.

Among those who file a 1040 with Schedule A are taxpayers who itemize deductions such as mortgage payments, charitable contributions, and medical expenses. Although not everyone can file for free, approximately six in 10 taxpayers can do so through March 31.

4. There’s a maximum refund guarantee.

As with all of H&R Block’s tax services, the company offers a maximum refund guarantee with its online filing option. This means that if you find another method that results in a bigger refund, you can use the service for free to amend your return. If you paid for the H&R Block More Zero deluxe or premium service, your fee will be refunded in this circumstance, so long as the bigger return isn’t due to differences in data supplied by you.

5. Easy to navigate.

H&R Block More Zero was designed by tax experts, not just tech people. The filing option is easy to understand, and there are checkpoints throughout the entire process. It’s the perfect option for people who generally cringe at the thought of confusing tax forms. You can even do all or part of the process on the user-friendly MyBlock mobile app.

6. There’s no catch, and no coupon required.

They say nothing in life is free, but this truly is – as long as you qualify based on your tax needs. There’s no coupon required. Simply head to H&R Block’s website, click “file free online,” and be well on your way to a stress-free experience.

7. The deluxe and premium services offer even more.

If you’re looking for more bells and whistles, you can opt for the deluxe version of the online filing service. For just $34.99, you’ll get all of the H&R Block More Zero offerings, plus six years’ access to prior returns. You’ll also have access to DeductionPro® to optimize your donations, as well as unlimited tax advice via live chat and support for tax situations including hobby income and unreported tips.

Upgrade to the premium service to get all of that, plus the ability to import expenses from popular apps such as Stride. The $54.99 package also gives support for tax situations including rental property income, stock sales income, and freelance/contractor income with expenses less than $5,000.

If you’ve grown accustomed to drowning in a sea of confusion during tax season, let this year be different. H&R Block More Zero can make filing your return a breeze.