7 Christmas Gift Ideas For Entrepreneurs

7 Christmas Gift Ideas For Entrepreneurs

Image via shutterstock

Image via shutterstock

Have you been searching the globe for the perfect gift idea for the entrepreneur on your gift list? Or perhaps you are an entrepreneur yourself looking for some fabulous things to pick up for your own stocking this holiday season? Well, look no further than the hottest gift ideas of the year for entrepreneurs. From gadgets that will impress to essentials that you won’t want to be without, there is something that is sure to please and delight even the busiest of those working in the business world.

Virtual Laser Keyboard
With the increase of tablets being used in the workplace and on the go, one major complaint that seems to plague the near perfect invention is the lack of a traditional sized keyboard. While touch screen technology is wonderful for a quick email response or short to do list, it can be frustrating when longer narratives need to be written. With a virtual laser keyboard, it is simple to turn any flat surface into your own portable keyboard.

Magazine or Newspaper Subscription
If there is one thing that most entrepreneurs have in common, it is a need to be in the know with trends, news, and happenings in the business world. Whether you are talking the Wall Street Journal or Entrepreneur magazine, a subscription is a great way to give a gift that will last all year long.

Bluetooth Hands free Device
With so much travel happening every day coupled with new laws restricting cell phone use when driving in many states, giving the entrepreneur in your life a hands free Bluetooth device is a great idea. Not only will they not miss important calls when in transit, but it makes multitasking safer and much more convenient.

Gym Membership
Exercise not only helps the body, but can also be a great way to relieve stress. With so much business requiring long hours at a desk or computer, having a place to burn some calories and sweat away the frustrations at the end of the workday is just what many people need. For avid travelers, consider a membership at a gym with locations all across the country that a member can use wherever they find themselves.

From drowning out a noisy child on a plane ride, to jamming to a favorite beat while running, a good set of earbuds or earphones is truly an essential item for those entrepreneurs on your list. When making your selection, look for a design that is comfortable, provides stereo quality, and is durable and tough.

Entrepreneur Books
From the seasoned business professional to the budding newbie, entrepreneurs should always strive to continue learning. Reading is a great way to pass the time while picking up new tips and strategies at the same time. From hot new titles like the $100 Startup (by Chris Guillebeau) to biographies of great business professionals, there are so many options within this category to choose from. If you are unsure of what title to purchase, consider a gift card to Amazon.com or their audio book affiliate, Audible.com.

International Data or Air Card
If the special someone on your list travels internationally, a prepaid air or data card that can be used around the globe makes a perfect gift option. From checking emails on a tablet or laptop to calling back to the States, giving communication freedom from nearly anywhere on the planet is something that will be enjoyed and utilized.



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