9 Hilarious Ads That Mock The Apple Products You Love

Image via Flickr/ Daniil Vasiliev

Companies love to hate on Apple. The result is a handful of ads that mock the company for various things: emphasis on design, lack of features, wavering capabilities. These companies have taken on Apple in their ads, some more modestly than others. Either way, they’re all pretty entertaining.

Android/Kit Kat

In this hilarious commercial, the Kit Kat chocolate bar company, owned by Nestle, mocks Apple by creating a commercial for its candy that’s dead-on reminiscent of an Apple commercial (with specs and all). The commercial was released after Kit Kat and Google joined forces in a branded partnership, where no money was exchanged. The Android 4.4 was also released with an operating system called KitKat.


In this parody ad, Microsoft attempts to mock Apple by depicting a brainstorming session, in which two employees, assumed to be Apple CEO Tim Cook and Senior Vice President of Design Jony Ive, come up with stupid ways to be “innovative” with Apple products. And by “innovative,” we mean taking several meetings to decide on a color. Still, perhaps the faceless man is meant to represent former CEO Steve Jobs? But then again, he is referred to as “T” in the video. Anyhow, the execution is sloppy. It goes on far too long. It loses its luster and entertainment quickly. Eventually, Microsoft got the message, too, and removed the ad.

Samsung Galaxy S II

This ad subtly mocks Apple in a different way. In the video, a long line of people are waiting outside of what is assumed to be an Apple store, when they start questioning the logisitics of the new iPhone. “How will people know I upgraded if it looks the same?” one asked. “Does it have 4G Speed?” Then, they start to notice people walking by with the new Samsung Galaxy, which features a larger screen and 4G.

“I could never get a Samsung,” says one man in line. “I’m creative.”

“Dude, you’re a barista,” his friend replies.

Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung loves to take jabs at Apple. In this video, there are people at a pool party and the guests are divvied up between iPhone and Samsung users. The iPhone users are pretty impressed, albeit, jealous, of the Samsung’s technological capabilities. Change the channel with your phone, anyone?


This commercial takes a jab at the iPhone design, and Apple’s insistence on making things “pretty.” After all, Steve Jobs was big on design. But Droid claims it detracted from performance. The ad starts off with a few people surrounding an iPhone in an enclosed glass case. “Should a phone be pretty?” the narrator says. “Should it be a tiara-wearing, digitally clueless beauty pageant queen?”

Microsoft/Nokia Lumia

Cashing in on the zombie craze, Nokia cleverly portrays Apple users as zombies in this commercial ad… and, well, it is a little creepy. It claims that the Nokia Lumia 920 takes way better photos than the iPhone.

Somersby Cider

This ad for Somersby Cider mocks Apple in a playful and accurate way. In the commercial, the launch of the cider takes place in an Apple-like store, where glass cups sit perched on wooden tables, and people gawk around at it. It cleverly uses computer lingo to describe the Somersby Cider drinking experience.

“It’s full of great content, easy to use,” says one employee, handing a glass over to a customer.

“Move towards the mouth, and interface,” another says, as he explains the proper way to drink it.

Microsoft/Nokia Lumia

Microsoft took a jab at both Apple and Samsung in this wedding video, where the guests are divided between iPhone users and Samsung users. “Excuse me,” says one iPhone user who is trying to capture a picture, “Would you mind moving your enormous phone?” “Aren’t you a little young to have an iPhone?” an Android user tells another woman. Soon, the entire room begins to fight. “Search KARATE,” an iPhone user frantically shouts into his from from a hiding spot.

“You think if they knew about the Nokia Lumia, they’d stop fighting all the time?” asks a server.


This ad takes the cake, using Siri’s voice to make fun of the iPad’s lacking capabilities in comparison to Microsoft’s tablet. It puts both tablets side by side, demonstrating all the things that one can do, but not the other.